I have published photos about him before . Now here’s a video for you while Brad Pitt is riding his own Ducati Monster S4RS

50 Cent Wanksta (2002) music video. Check the escort bikes out! They are Ducati Monster 620 ie

A gothic example to use of Ducati Monster in The Crow II (1996) The man who is trying to run away with the chopper is Iggy Pop.

Formula 1 racing legend Ayrton Senna was another Ducati lover. In this video you can see him riding a ‘93 Ducati Monster 900 with his girlfriend. You can find this footage in his tribute documentary: Senna (2010) May his soul rests in peace.

Gorgeous Gal Gadot is riding Ducati Streetfighter S in Fast Five (2011)

When a person doesn’t mind the price tag, he also doesn’t hesitate to buy the best one. Jason Statham uses his own Ducati Desmosedici RR for the movie The Expendables (2010)

A music video from 2003 by Britney Spears, the song is called Toxic. There ‘s a Ducati 999 waiting for you to be seen. Just move the slider to 01:25 to see the bike without watching the whole clip.

Ducati also takes place in commercials. Kiera Knightley is riding a vintage Ducati 750 Desmo Imola here to advertise Channel ‘s Coco Mademoiselle Perfume product. They both look extremely hot. By the way the chaser bikes are Ducati Monster 696.

As we know from the previous post, Tom Cruise can ride. This is a behind the scene video of Knight and Day (2010).  Tom Cruise rides a Ducati Hypemotard with Cameron Diaz.

Tom Cruise is riding a Ducati Desmosedici RR here, it’s a motorcycle that costs around 70.000 € and one the fastest thing you can see on the roads. 

An Iconic Hollywood star Brad Pitt is also a motorcycle lover. This time he rides a Ducati Monster S2R 1000 in France streets. This is not a scene from a movie. This is his personal choice to roll out around town. I must admit that; I like to see famous people who rides similar looking bike of mine. You can see more pictures here: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2006/03/02/brad-pitt-motorcycle-2006-03-02/

Jim Carrey is trying to tame a powerful Ducati Hypermotard 1100 S here in the Yes Man (2008)

Redline (2007) is an action title about cars and bikes. In this scene , the guy is riding a Ducati 999

The Covenant (2006) is a movie with good looking scenes. It ‘s a fiction title about super natural powers. The guy here is riding a Ducati 749

Laurence Fishburne whom we know from Matrix is riding a Ducati 916 in a chase scene. The movie is called Fled (1996)